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A sample agenda:

Workshop Objectives

  • Here we review the session tives and agenda and discuss

the importance of providing, seeking and receiving coaching.

Coaching –

What is it?

  • What is coaching?

  • A comparison & contrast of present and past coaching


  • Who is coached, how often and where coaching takes place,

the situation, issues to coach about, and what is to be

accomplished through coaching.

  • The top five excuses for not seeking coaching.

Types of Coaching

  • The role coaching plays in performance management.

  • The personal and practical needs of those to be coached

  • How to provide feedback effectively

  • Providing ‘feed forward’-suggestions for the future

Proactive Coaching

  • Opportunities to coach staff to be successful in new responsibilities.

  •  video example of an effective proactive coaching session.

  • Planning and practicing coaching using a template of steps

Reactive Coaching

  • Situations where coaching is needed because of poor performance or behaviour.

  • A video example of an effective reactive coaching session.

  • Case study

Maintenance Coaching

  • An area of coaching often missed out but probably the most important- maintaining improvement.

  • Case study

Coaching for Self Reliance

  • How to guide others to discover the best way to accomplish a goal successfully.

  • Case study


  • A summary of key learning points and final issues

Many managers may be good leaders and/or technically competent. However, research has shown that they are not natural born coaches!

Supervisors are often found wanting when providing constructive feedback and/or coaching to support the achievement of a subordinate’s objectives.

Core Measures training provides supervisors the skills to coach on performance and behavioural issues. This approach has the benefit of ensuring that staff become accountable for future improvement.

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