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through talent management”

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A sample agenda:

Your Organisation’s Performance Management Form

  • A review of the form and completion
  • process

  •  Performance Ratings

Completing Your Performance Plan

  • Linking to Strategy
  • Understanding Key Result Areas (KRAs)

  • Fixed KRAs vs. Functional KRAs (if applicable)

Setting Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Examples – positive/negative The criteria for well-written KPIs/objectives

  • Samples from group exercises

  • Role-clarity- sharing of plans, showing linkage to strategy

Agreeing on Competencies

  • Your Organisation’s Values/Core Competencies

  • Understand use of values/competencies

  • Measuring competencies

Determining Tracking Sources

  • Self tracking of own performance

  • Review of tracking sources for objectives and values/competencies

  • Guidelines to observe, classify behaviour

A Quality Review

of your Plan

  • An audit of the performance plan. Use of a quality checklist to review consistency, clarity of goals amongst the group

Conducting Employee Performance Planning

  • Relationship skills and discussion guidelines

  • An effective performance planning discussion-video

Practicing how to agree on Employee Expectations

  • A subordinate performance planning case study to develop performance planning skills.

  • Getting feedback on performance planning techniques

Issues & follow up steps

  • We summarise all learning points, cover issues and discuss follow up steps regarding implementation

Performance planning is like preparing a rocket for launching. You have a mission but you must first ensure the components are in place. The rocket cone is your objective section and may comprise key result areas, KPIs/objectives, timeframe's and performance indicators.

The booster section is the area which supports and ‘boosts’ performance. This is your competency plan comprising behavioural and functional competencies.

Savvy staff drive the success of any company but like all employees, they need to know the organisational critical success factors. Employees then work with their supervisors to agree on their KPIs/objectives, tracking sources and attainment levels.

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Performance Planning: