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Leadership Skills & Competencies:

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Multi-rater/360 feedback boosts productivity by giving key staff a more accurate sense of their personal strengths and weaknesses. It serves as a catalyst for change through development planning .Research shows that 50% of staff leave their companies due to a break down in the relationship with their supervisor.

Having the availability of competent leaders at all levels to mobilize the organization toward its strategy is critical to an organisation’s success. Retention of key talent and hi-potential staff often relies on the relationship between the supervisor and the subordinate.

Core Measures recommends identifying bench strength of leaders through its online multi rater, 360 process.

The consultant will agree on a process map of steps/timelines. The leadership competencies and key actions to be measured will be selected from the competency framework. Agreement will be made on the population size for the exercise and on the administrative procedures and ‘appraisees’ to provide feedback. (Min 5 max 12)

Feedback Report

Appraisees receive a written feedback report, which contains an assessment of their strengths and developmental opportunities. This report may include a description of each competency and the supporting key behaviours. A rating is given for each competency and a narrative summary provides a diagnostic explanation for each rating.

There will be a summary of the gap between job requirements and proficiency demonstrated for each of the competencies and key behaviours. Also included could be normative data comparing individuals’ performance to the performance of others in the company.

Feedback Process Options:

Option 1  

The report is reviewed 1-1 individual and consultant.

Option 2  

A group session where rates and the person receiving feedback sit together and review the feedback.

Option 3  

Group feedback where the consultant gives feedback reports to all involved and describes process for development planning.

Development Planning

All such discussions are accompanied by viewing a development guide to help address problem areas. This contains developmental activities, coaching tips and up-to-date learning resources. This is used in preparation for an action plan towards improvement.

Follow Up

There will be agreement on the next review and timeframe. Specific training on leadership areas can be custom designed.

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