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Client Feedback:

Oil Industry:

“Thanks for a successful session. Many commented that there was a good balance of lectures, discussions, videos, and skill practice. Many commended you on your knowledge of the subject. The extra effort you put into writing the case studies certainly paid off. I am sure they will be very pleased when they see the evaluation report.”


Fast moving consumer products:

“What I would like to put on record is my thoughts, specifically on your role as a coach. I have worked with a number of international consultants and trainers. You certainly stand out as an exceptional coach. You are a coach in the real sense of the word. What makes you a quality coach is your ability to create a conducive learning partnership, sensitive to our different styles, making insightful comparisons, pinpointing areas of strengths and improvement and building on ideas.”



“You took special effort and time to walk me through the materials needed.

It was a special effort because there were so many details and items that required explanation.

Given the “overwhelming” amount and scope of materials, customized components notwithstanding, it goes a long way towards preparing me in answering participants’ queries, confidently.”



“You prepared practical exercises to help participants link concepts to workplace situations. You spent time creating customized exercises on areas like KRAs, beliefs and measurements. You also expended time on sharing your experience working with clients across industries. All these actions lent a great deal of credibility. Our discerning participants wouldn’t have missed the value you added to the workshop.”


International Group:

“The c lass was made up of cynical individuals .You displayed a level of maturity and composure that didn’t allow the class to deviate or take control of their idiosyncrasies. It was your show of patience that carried you through professionally.”


Multinational Group:

“CM competently developed the performance management system in conjunction with all parties concerned. He fulfilled an excellent supportive role to implement a newly designed performance management system in Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East and Europe (Greece). CM produced excellent materials and supporting documentation. CM are very committed and dedicated in delivering their services.”


Banking Industry:

“When the bank wanted an intellectual discussion on performance management, they expected you to cover only the history, the different systems, and best practices. In addition to covering these topics, you gave them a road map to planning their own re-design. This resulted in them being very pleased with the session and the team leader said that he would definitely call if they need any help to develop their performance management system. Thank you for exceeding customer expectations and gaining their confidence that you can add value.”


“Chris, You did an excellent job. I think you know we were able to get her promotion approved. She is now a “Director” and a more capable marketing officer.”


“I heard good things about your (train the trainer )session from Sanae .Glad you made a great success with my big client, Lubes business, this is a real good introduction of you.”



“You reassured me right from the preparation stage through the end that you’ll be behind me all the way – and you were. Your feedback to me was specific and timely. Despite a very exhaustive workshop throughout the 5-day week, you took down notes and shared them with me, both written and verbal. Where you saw opportunities to value add to my presentations, you never hesitated to do so – you complemented marvellously on those occasions.”


Disk Drive industry:

“Overall, Chris did an outstanding job articulating the Competencies, Descriptions and Key Actions”


Online Search & Selection:

“Chris, Many thanks for your cooperation and help in this conference. The participant’s feedback is very positive. Thanks again and hope that we can have a future cooperation. Best regards.”


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