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Career Development:

Are you suffering from higher than expected turnover of key staff?Have you asked yourself if your organisation is really geared up to embark on an-on-going career development programme to groom, develop and retain your future leaders?

Employees need a clear message that their efforts are being noted and that a development track is being laid for them .Whether its gen Y or X they all need a personal roadmap and if it is not readily apparent talented people will look for the action elsewhere.


Core Measures recommend career development framework on three key phases which reflect the strategic and human capital manpower needs, linked to an appraisal of an individual’s performance.

Phase I – Skill Audit Assessing Oneself & Getting Feedback

Reflecting on knowledge and skill level perceptions from different viewpoints in essence, this is a skills audit of core behavioural and functional competencies carried out by the incumbent and his/her supervisor.

Phase II – Career Discussion Reviewing Prospects and Exploring Options

Discussing alternatives and possibilities but being mindful of limitations. This career discussion meeting (may be combined with Phase 1) considers the state of play in the person’s career and reviews current performance, skill audit data and discusses options, possibilities and limitations..

Phase III – Development Planning Developing Skills & Gaining Experience

Developing knowledge and building skills and reputation

The final phase is to create a personal learning plan for the chosen competencies.

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